Marketing Strategies & New Concept Development

Selected by Chairman of The Pillsbury Company (Jack Stafford) for an elite entrepreneurial five-member team with a charter to design, test, and transfer new business concepts for the Pillsbury Company for the 21st century. While on the team I designed and developed new “food court” business concept & 10 year business plan, designed, tested, & wrote new food delivery & retail business plan, and devised new POS & data information system for retail/delivery concept based upon emerging CRM concepts. During my tenure I was chosen for individual Senior executive development program Individual Coaching for Effectiveness (ICE) and trained extensively for trend identification and analysis by Brain Reserve & founder Faith Popcorn. Created a business plan for a small consumer products company locate South Carolina which resulted in them getting financing to move their manufacturing operations out of the “Garage” and into a manufacturing facility. Developed a marketing plan and presentation for the small consumer products company in South Carolina that resulted in them landed the Walmart account.