Executive, Business & Career Coaching

International Certified Organizational and Career Coach with 20+ years of facilitating leadership and career development globally - Achieved Fellow Global Coach status in 2019 having coached mid-senior leaders in global programs, achieving consistent excellent (9-10/10). As your accountability and coaching partner, I will add value to you in addressing these questions: Do you need to determine your business strategy? Are you no longer progressing and in a space that is 'stuck'? Have you lost your creative flair when leading? Are you struggling with being proactive in facilitating 'strategy to action'? Do you find yourself challenged in connecting with your team? Have you lost clarity on how to manage and lead 'change'? Are you seeking to tap into your potential, performance and positioning as a leader? Do you need a deeper understanding of how your approach, attitude and behavior impacts on others? Have you lost 'zing' in your career and want to find a better way to work; enriching each day? Are you considering a new career but unsure what direction to take? Have you identified your career blockers/barriers that are hindering your growth? Do you really know your strengths, how to leverage these, and which are transferable for your next career? Have you identified your key focus areas lining up with your values, motivators, and interests? Are you facing a challenging situation at work and need support to consider and analyze possible approaches/solutions? Are you undertaking your development planning and seeking to assess any skills or knowledge gaps, and then align how to develop these? Are you preparing for interviews and wanting to role play scenarios and pitch yourself effectively? Do you need input into your resume to maximize the impact of how you position yourself? Are you transitioning from a technical specialist to a manager role, or, a manager to leader role, and challenged by the space you now find yourself in? Are you struggling with achieving the work-life balance you most want?