B2B and B2C Marketing Strategy

Agency transformation
Digital Agency Transformation
Steve Robinson


Los Angeles, CA

I have helped multiple ad & digital agencies migrate from selling production tasks to becoming a trusted CMO advisor. I can help you transition your service model to integrated marketing (paid media + owned media + shared media + earned media) and restructure your Org chart, workflows, financial model and business development pitch to deliver.

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Go-to-Market strategy
Bas Paumen



Building/ formulating a strong proposition and marketing strategy to sell your product and services.

  • B2B and B2C Marketing Strategy
B2B & B2C Digital Marketing & Sales Expert
Mattan Danino


Los Angeles

Mattan Danino isn’t just our Founder & CEO, he is a recognized industry thought leader and awarded consultant helping organizations grow better by utilizing the latest in digital marketing and sales enablement strategies. His passion and fascination for technology blending with strategy has fueled our client’s and agency growth for the past 10+ years. Since its establishment in 2008, Mattan has led WEBITMD in its expansion of offerings, technology integrations, team members and now three offices with headquarters in Los Angeles and satellite offices in Dallas and New York City. Mattan’s primary role at WEBITMD is to drive the strategic direction for our client engagements. He is involved with roadmap, tactics and channel-specific strategy needed to achieve our client’s growth goals. His expertise in search marketing has evolved throughout the years into a full-funnel approach to digital marketing which our agency has termed as the WEBITMD Growth Stack. He deploys our growth stack strategy across various industry verticals and speaks internationally about a growth-driven approach to marketing & sales. As a thought leader, Mattan has been published by HubSpot, Entrepreneur Magazine, The Huffington Post, Engadget, Inc. Magazine, and other notable publications. He also frequently guest lectures and teaches at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). Mattan earned his education from San Diego State University with a Bachelors of Science in Business Marketing. Outside of work, Mattan has a passion for the water and enjoys activities out on his boat. He also sneaks out of the office a few times a year to explore the world and culture with friends.

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Executive Sales, Business Development, Marketing
Abraham Levine



Created sales for 70,000+ trucks in a channel-based SaaS environment, $20 million sales to an automotive company via opening up that new market, winning Vendor of the Year in China, first for a foreign company turning around a consumer wireless business from subscriber losses to gains and cah flow from negative to positive. Having run sales, marketing and business development teams in the US and worldwide, I am ready to help develop sales and marketing plans that encompass direct sales, channel-based sales along with supporting marketing plans to both drive and augment sales efforts. I can help evaluate current sales teams, help create new ones, and work on innovative marketing plans to complement sales programs. Indirect, or channel-based sales in particular need a different approach to sales, marketing and support for channels. I can help design these programs and create a seamless operation from strategy through sales and marketing, through support. In one engagement, for example, I created and deployed a sales channel and all the requisite marketing programs for a company with no prior experience in the industry which resulted in sales of a SaaS-based product deployed on over 70,000 trucks. I also won vendor of the year from one of China's largest companies, first for a foreigner, and working with them to deploy the software and services throughout Africa and the Middle East. I also developed unique marketing programs and became a staple for call-ins and interviews on Sirius/SM, for example in addition to speaking at conferences, featured in publications, managing trade shows and more.

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Mark Gunnion



I help start-ups and established companies and founders to create names for their new products, companies, apps, and websites. Taglines, too!

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Card back
Go-to-Market Buyopsy
Chris J Snook



What you get with my Proactive Advisor-as-a-Service "Buyopsy": Quick Call (15min avg to determine or resolve most issues) These are meant for last-minute challenges, bounce ideas off me, introductions, idea validation, etc. Strategy & Review 1-2 hour call, meant to be used for more in-depth strategy and reviews with your agency or in-house teams. Introductions (ongoing clients only) Anytime you need introductions to service or software vendors, staffing/contract workers, investors, industry experts, just email! Monthly Data Dive (ongoing clients only) Once a month, I will look at an external agency or team reports, deep dive into Analytics, review UX challenges, and provide you a list of things to work on for that month. Weekly Learnings (ongoing clients only) I speak at events and conferences all over the world and meet people and see technology solutions or deal flow daily. I summarize everything I learned from my other projects and team members and send them to you weekly what I feel is worth your attention or awareness. 24-Hour Response Guarantee I block off sections of my calendar for this service so that you always get a guaranteed 24-hour response or meeting request accepted and stuff gets moved to accommodate your needs when an emergency brainstorm or call is needed. Want to talk and assess mutual fit over a quick call? BOOK A 15-MIN DISCOVERY CALL Specific Examples of how you can use it Below are some high-level ways you can use this offering to provide value for your business: -Internal Team Review & Support -Help evaluate internal teams' work. -Help find gaps and recommend solutions. -Support and network help to hire new talent. -Vendor/Technology/Agency Review & Management -Outside agency audit, review, analysis. -Sit in on strategy and reporting sessions. -Review technology integration partners and your current tech stack -Recommend new vendors if gaps are identified. Anytime 15 Minute "Quick" Calls -Anytime quick calls with same-day access guaranteed. -Help with daily challenges that come up or validate new internal ideas. Strategy & Brainstorming & Problem Solving Once a month intensive sessions. (1-2 hour deep dive planning/updates) -In-person or remote strategy or in-depth business review and provide action items. -Use this for anything pressing. Team review, Feeling under-fire, long-term planning, etc. -Introduction to vetted and inexpensive labor options. -Access to my investment network, partner/vendor network, channel partners etc. -Help with staffing and finding local talent. Cost Analysis & Savings -Evaluate the software you are using to see if there are cost-effective replacements. -Access to deep cost savings from relationships I have.

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