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Find an Expert

Search or browse through our database of industry experts and authority figures in your respective field. If you’re in need of a business expert, a marketing guru, or technology leader, we have someone for you to talk to. Avvnue focuses on delivering quality business, technology, career or even life guidance and direction.



Schedule your call

When you request a call with an Expert, you’ll be able to select 3 different dates and times for your call. The expert will look at those dates and times and try to use one that you’ve supplied. If those don’t work for them, the expert will then return a few different times that are more suitable. If they work for you, then you book it and wait for your call details. If not, we will continue to work with you to align your calendar with the Expert.

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Make your payment

Select the estimated length of time that you’d like to have with the Expert you’ve chosen. You can select up to 2 hours, broken down into 15-minute intervals.

You will pay for your designated call length up front. You will get a notification 3 mins before the scheduled time is about to expire and the conferencing system will automatically end the call.


Be prepared

You’ll have an opportunity to give your Expert a little insight to what you want to talk about. Make sure to give some specifics so they can prepare and give the most bang for your buck during the dedicated time

Grab a notebook and jot down some notes about what you would like to talk about. Think through what is most important first. What are your key objectives of the call? What is going to be the most beneficial for you to get answered? Where will you get the most value?

Once you’ve got all your questions answered, then you can continue into other topics of conversation

*all calls must be kept professional and cannot breach our Terms and Conditions.


Early/Late for a call?


If you are early, no problem. Just hold tight and wait for the other party to join the call. You will be able to join the call exactly 1 min prior to the scheduled time through your account.

You will not be charged for your wait time. The clock starts running when both parties join the call. You will get a notification 3 mins before the scheduled time is about to expire. In case you want to continue the discussion, you can always request a follow up call as per Experts availability


If you are late for a call, you might lose your call and have to re-schedule. The Expert will only wait approximately 1-3 minutes.

You must be on time for such an important call. You can either request for a re-schedule or a refund. * Note there will be a 5% fee either ways to cover platform charges and merchant fees which needs to be paid to proceed