Brand Marketing & Product Positioning

I hate sofa beds - they are a horrible compromise of a bed and a sofa, and do neither well. If your brand or product positioning isn't laser focused, you too run the risk of having a sofa bed that's not good enough at anything in particular to appeal to people. In my work I have found that Product Positioning and Brand Marketing affects the entire product cycle - product development and features, costing, packaging, naming, sell-in, advertising - when a brand and/or product has a tight, focused positioning for its target audience, everything falls into place. When it's not there, teams struggle to focus on which features to prioritize in banner ads, packaging or videos. Let me help you to create better, tighter positioning that can help your brands and products do better - even for existing products, I know that I can help with your marketing to make it tighter and better - before resorting to the brute force of AB testing.