Media Trainer & Coach

I prepare executives for media exposure and public speaking with personalized media training programs. The comprehensive workshops help attendees from any organization perfect their media interview skills while ensuring the right messaging is consistently conveyed in the real world of broadcast and social media. Whether you're live at 5:00, edited into the 6:00 show, or featured on a talk show, you'll learn how the news media works and how to build the confidence and control to make it work for you. Attendees learn how to take control of the interview, neutralize loaded questions, and turn negative questions into positive answers. I design training workshops based on each client's individual needs. I talk to my clients, learn their issues, assess their needs, and develop a personalized training program. During the training, I simulate the type of on-camera interviews you'll face in broadcast news, print news, and on the scene while communicating under extreme pressure during a crisis. I make the interactions during the workshop as realistic as possible and as tough as necessary. My clients always appreciate the challenge, knowing they are now prepared to face any media interview with confidence.