Entrepreneurship Advising

Former Chief Operating Officer (COO) of a Florida based company specializing in a unique traceable liquid and proprietary forensic asset marking system that is applied to personal, commercial, and industrial items of value to deter theft and to identify suspects for prosecution. The non-hazardous liquid leaves a long lasting and unique identifier that is invisible to the naked eye except under an ultraviolet black light. Successfully led the team through a rapid growth period that included the doubling of forensic partnerships with law enforcement throughout the United States and the dramatic growth of commercial partnerships to include Hypower, Current Builders, Samsonite, and Coastal Mechanical Services. Played a key role in the development of the Contagious Disease Training kit, a breakthrough forensic training enhancement tool, leading to partnerships with Florida Hospital and other medical providers. Closely collaborated with Board of Directors leading the development of a long term vision and strategic plan for US expansion supported by a redesign of the supporting organizational structure that led to a dramatic increase in US business. Recognized by the British Consulate General in Miami, Florida designating SmartWater CSI as the winner of the 2016 Great Business Innovation Award in the category of technology provider. LinkedIN Profile: