IT Strategy and Implementation

Your IT Strategy is not a project. It is an ongoing program and way of life, cultivated and institutionalized throughout the IT Value Chain. It does far more than rationalize a bunch of services aligned to the portfolio. The IT Strategy stands as the CIO’s differentiator, a means to drive the enterprise mission, the way to structure and build information services that are embedded into the firm’s business processes. It is the blueprint for building the company’s Information Technology core strength. Avoid IT strategies that are nothing more than a laundry list of support initiatives that plug a few technology stacks into corporate projects. Your IT Strategy is the means by which you, as CIO or IT Leader, organize, direct, and optimize the information technology “business within a business.” Some recent successes include: - IT strategy development for startups as well as Fortune 500 firms. - Significant ROI derived for financial services, life sciences, technology, and manufacturing firms. - Development of strategy performance monitoring and quantifiable value realization. - Maturation of corporate leaders, who sustain the strategic mandate of the firm, and integrate “IT strategy” into every business process conversation and goal, ensuring its competitive viability. Strategies are not static plans that sit on a shelf for dusting annually. Your IT Strategy is measured and managed on a daily basis. My focus has enhanced top line gains, bottom line savings and performance speed in the culture. Please ensure your questions are submitted in two days in advance of session so we can address them thoroughly. Optimizing my clients' time and their priority.