CEO coaching for start-ups and early stage businesses to surge

With over a decade of international experience in making founder CEO’s and leadership teams "Pivots" for their business, I have leveraged mastery in “Entrepreneur DNA”, “Whole brain Thinking”, “Emotional intelligence”, “Applications of neuroscience”, “ Advanced communication" and “Business strategy” to enable these leaders to “Pivot” their life and business for achieving remarkable success. Deep has coached tens of CEOs in the global business arena (US, Singapore, India, Australia and Sri Lanka) and is acknowledged for his deep understanding of business environment and its complexities. His knowledge of "Entrepreneurial DNA" helps in taking founder CEOs to the edge of possibilities in business. His learnings from the CEOs is 'Gold dust', which puts him in a very superior position to coach CEOs of start-ups and early stage companies. Focus of coaching is to engage the 6 core areas that remarkably successful entrepreneurs demonstrate in leading and creating high value businesses from virtually nothing. Assessment: Saville (Wills Towers Watson) Entrecode Whole brain thinking- Neethling brain instruments