Go-to-Market Buyopsy

What you get with my Proactive Advisor-as-a-Service "Buyopsy": Quick Call (15min avg to determine or resolve most issues) These are meant for last-minute challenges, bounce ideas off me, introductions, idea validation, etc. Strategy & Review 1-2 hour call, meant to be used for more in-depth strategy and reviews with your agency or in-house teams. Introductions (ongoing clients only) Anytime you need introductions to service or software vendors, staffing/contract workers, investors, industry experts, just email! Monthly Data Dive (ongoing clients only) Once a month, I will look at an external agency or team reports, deep dive into Analytics, review UX challenges, and provide you a list of things to work on for that month. Weekly Learnings (ongoing clients only) I speak at events and conferences all over the world and meet people and see technology solutions or deal flow daily. I summarize everything I learned from my other projects and team members and send them to you weekly what I feel is worth your attention or awareness. 24-Hour Response Guarantee I block off sections of my calendar for this service so that you always get a guaranteed 24-hour response or meeting request accepted and stuff gets moved to accommodate your needs when an emergency brainstorm or call is needed. Want to talk and assess mutual fit over a quick call? BOOK A 15-MIN DISCOVERY CALL Specific Examples of how you can use it Below are some high-level ways you can use this offering to provide value for your business: -Internal Team Review & Support -Help evaluate internal teams' work. -Help find gaps and recommend solutions. -Support and network help to hire new talent. -Vendor/Technology/Agency Review & Management -Outside agency audit, review, analysis. -Sit in on strategy and reporting sessions. -Review technology integration partners and your current tech stack -Recommend new vendors if gaps are identified. Anytime 15 Minute "Quick" Calls -Anytime quick calls with same-day access guaranteed. -Help with daily challenges that come up or validate new internal ideas. Strategy & Brainstorming & Problem Solving Once a month intensive sessions. (1-2 hour deep dive planning/updates) -In-person or remote strategy or in-depth business review and provide action items. -Use this for anything pressing. Team review, Feeling under-fire, long-term planning, etc. -Introduction to vetted and inexpensive labor options. -Access to my investment network, partner/vendor network, channel partners etc. -Help with staffing and finding local talent. Cost Analysis & Savings -Evaluate the software you are using to see if there are cost-effective replacements. -Access to deep cost savings from relationships I have.