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One definition: “FACTA NON VERBA!” Over 20 years of experience in the field of Banking, Insurance, Finance, Investment, Construction, Transportation, Logistics, Sustainability and Environmental Waste Management, Developing and Engineering State of Art Multi-Purpose Recycling Projects in addition to numerous Projects across a broad range of sectors around Europe (Italy) and Middle East (Dubai, United Arab Emirates) including Oil & Gas and Water Desalination, Aviation - Helicopters on the SAR-Search and Rescue Field. Founder, Chairman and CEO and Advisory Board Member for several Ventures in different geographical areas including Europe, Middle East and Americas acting as Principal/Decision Maker, Advisory and Mentor for Leadership Teams driving them through Strategic Decisions. Proven Experience related to Corporate Sustainability Management and Vision; Keen proven interest in the Principles of Sustainability, and how it can be embedded into Design, Businesses, Communities and Government Policies. Personal skills related to the above-mentioned fields including: analytical thinking, identification of key risks and opportunities, professional report writing based on a trustworthy, transparent and honest manner. During my career I have liaised, communicated and managed relationships with many external stakeholders, including Regulators, Owners, Operators, Banks and Lending Institutions in addition to External Consultants. This requires the ability to present complex issues in a simple way articulated to different audiences both within and outside an Organization/Team. As well as my technical experience in the field of Sustainability and Environmental Management, I have also gained experience and skills in Business Development, Managing and Building Teams; I have worked within multidisciplinary teams and I understand the importance of team dynamics. My experience and expertise have been gained across a broad range of industries including: • General Procurement; • General Trading; • Power Energy / Renewable; • Infrastructure; • Waste Management; • Green Buildings; • Due Diligence and Acquisition; • Business Development; • Shareholder Management; • International Experience; • General Land Transportation in the Construction and Earthmoving fields; • Banking / Investments; • Auctions; • Aviation - Helicopters SAR / HEMS.