Executive Sales, Business Development, Marketing

Created sales for 70,000+ trucks in a channel-based SaaS environment, $20 million sales to an automotive company via opening up that new market, winning Vendor of the Year in China, first for a foreign company turning around a consumer wireless business from subscriber losses to gains and cah flow from negative to positive. Having run sales, marketing and business development teams in the US and worldwide, I am ready to help develop sales and marketing plans that encompass direct sales, channel-based sales along with supporting marketing plans to both drive and augment sales efforts. I can help evaluate current sales teams, help create new ones, and work on innovative marketing plans to complement sales programs. Indirect, or channel-based sales in particular need a different approach to sales, marketing and support for channels. I can help design these programs and create a seamless operation from strategy through sales and marketing, through support. In one engagement, for example, I created and deployed a sales channel and all the requisite marketing programs for a company with no prior experience in the industry which resulted in sales of a SaaS-based product deployed on over 70,000 trucks. I also won vendor of the year from one of China's largest companies, first for a foreigner, and working with them to deploy the software and services throughout Africa and the Middle East. I also developed unique marketing programs and became a staple for call-ins and interviews on Sirius/SM, for example in addition to speaking at conferences, featured in publications, managing trade shows and more.